Multiply Your Success with Tom DuFore

62. Who is Your Most Important Employee?—John Briggs, President, Incite Tax

August 16, 2021 Tom DuFore and John Briggs
Multiply Your Success with Tom DuFore
62. Who is Your Most Important Employee?—John Briggs, President, Incite Tax
Show Notes

Do you know who the most important employee is in your company? I bet I know who it is… If you guessed you, then you are correct!  You are the most important employee at your company and today’s guest, John Briggs, shares his thoughts on this subject and more.

John is an author and owner of Incite Tax, a company built to support growing entrepreneurs. He is a Profit First expert. If you recall, we had Mike Micholowicz on the show on episode 23, and we have it included in the show notes if you want to listen to that episode too. John shares how every decision you need to make should be making your future better than your past, how an expense of just 3.33% can cripple your business, and why you need to continue to grow as a leader.

Let’s go ahead and jump into my interview with John Briggs.

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Achieving a highly lucrative financial position can be draining, especially with all the options out there that PROMISE they will grow your wealth.

Which leads taxpayers feeling overwhelmed and often confused with which path will get them the level of income they’ve always wanted. Or not taking the practical steps to reaching their growth potential.

Incite Tax saves people from the inevitable burnout they will reach without having a consistent strategy of wealth creation and provide them the steps to attaining true cash flow. So they can enjoy a bigger bank account, their life can THRIVE, and still have the freedom to focus on their passions.

John Briggs is the Owner of Incite Tax and is on a quest to protect unfairly treated taxpayers from massively overspending on taxes. His model and strategies that he’s taught for over a decade have given the practical steps to reach people’s financial goals much quicker.

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