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133. Top Episodes of 2022

December 26, 2022 Tom DuFore
Multiply Your Success with Tom DuFore
133. Top Episodes of 2022
Show Notes

This is an episode to review the most popular episodes of the 2022 podcast year. We had some amazing guests this year, including the then Steve Robinson, the former Executive Vice President from Chick-fil-A, David Sellinger, the co-founder of Redfin, and one of my longtime friends, Austin Rabine, CEO of the Rabine Group. 

As we look back on 2022 there were five episodes you all thought were the best for the year. We will provide you with some highlights of the top 5 as well as include the most popular episode from the last 4 months.


  1. How Flewber Looks to Disrupt the Air Travel Industry—Marc Sellouk, Founder and CEO, Flewber =
  2. The Employee Benefits Program No One is Talking About and Should Be—Frank Samson, Founder, Senior Care Authority =  
  3. How to Build Your Personal Brand—Jen Dalton, Founder, BrandMirror =
  4. How to Define, Measure, and Achieve Goals—Will Pemble, Founder, Goal Boss Mastermind =
  5. How Our Family Business is Still Growing After 40 Years—Austin Rabine, CEO, Rabine Group =
  6. Redfin Co-Founder Shares His Next Big Idea—David Selinger, CEO, Deep Sentinel =

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