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199. The Best Way to Answer Questions—Dr. Brian Glibkowski, Founder, Raise Your AQ

April 01, 2024 Tom DuFore and Dr. Brian Glibkowski
Multiply Your Success with Tom DuFore
199. The Best Way to Answer Questions—Dr. Brian Glibkowski, Founder, Raise Your AQ
Show Notes

 We’ve all learned how to ask questions and why it is important. But what about answering questions? Have you been taught how to answer questions and why it is important?  

Our guest today is Dr. Brian Glibkowski, who shares with us his research and framework for how to develop and present answers. It is what he calls Answer Intelligence. 

Being aware that it is not just the questions you ask, but also being prepared to answer questions.


Dr. Brian Glibkowski is an author, researcher, and futurist passionate about the role of questions and answers in business and society. 

His journey started with his research on questions. He authored an article on questions that has been recognized by the Association of Human Resource Development as one of ten articles that will shape the 21st century. 

During his research on questions, one simple observation stopped him in his tracks. We know a lot about questions. We know very little about answers. In grade school we teach children about questions, not answers. Our children learn about the six wh-questions (why, what when, where, who, how) and they learn about open and closed questions. There is no typology of answers we teach our children. Journalists, physicians, sales reps, executive coaches, and almost all professionals have been trained in questions, not answers. Business books with question in the title outnumber books with answer in the title 3 to 1. 

His new book is Answer Intelligence: Raise Your AQ. The book introduces a new science of answers that is nominated for a 2022 Prose award for professional and scholarly excellence. The book rights have been purchased for translation into multiple languages. The AQ framework has been adopted by universities, including the Imperial College of London Business School (global top 20). Certified AQ Partners from the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, India, and elsewhere use AQ with forward thinking organizations around the world.

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